R&H Hall is a Leading Importer and Supplier of raw material feed ingredients

R&H Hall

Ireland is a deficit country in the production of native cereals and proteins for animal feed, accordingly production must be supplemented through the importation of feed ingredients such as soya beans, corn gluten and feed wheat.

R&H Hall is involved in the sourcing of a wide range of these protein and energy ingredients for the animal feed compounding industry in Ireland. Its spread of portside facilities across Dublin, Cork, Ringaskiddy and Foynes provide a unique logistical positioning for this business.

International Reach

The businesses trading and shipping capability gives it access to international markets and multiple sources of supply with ingredients imported from over 15 countries worldwide. The strength of the key relationships with the world's leading producers and suppliers of bulk ingredients ensure that the market is supplied with an extensive range of competitively priced raw materials.

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R&H Hall Contact Details

R&H Hall
La Touche House
Custom House Dock
Dublin 1
Registered in Ireland. Registration no. 1305

Tel: +353 1 7900 200
Fax: +353 1 7900 202
Email: info@rhhall.ie
Web: www.rhhall.ie


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