Our Responsibilities

Origin recognises the importance of corporate social responsibility and is committed to operating ethically and responsibly throughout our businesses with a focus on sustainability, the environment, health and safety and the community.


Origin and all its businesses comply with all the legislative and regulatory requirements in the different geographies that the Group operates in. The Group companies are focused on protecting the environment and working with primary food producers in maintaining and improving agricultural practices and their environmental impact.

Health and Safety

It is the policy of Origin that all reasonable and practicable steps are taken to ensure the Safety, Health and Welfare of all persons it employs, customers and the public.

In accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, the Group policy is:

  • That Management shall at all times provide a safe place of work for all employees and to provide safe plant, equipment and machinery;
  • That all employees shall be trained, supervised and equipped to carry out their duties;
  • To provide safe operating procedures that are clearly outlined;
  • To take all reasonable and practicable steps to protect the environment and members of the public who may be affected by its activities;
  • To carry out occupational risk assessments on all premises and procedures to ensure that workplace conditions, practices and procedures are safe;
  • That risk assessments are reviewed as necessary based on regular inspections of the work place by management together with safety committees at each site;
  • To provide where necessary, suitable protective clothing, equipment and training where hazards cannot be eliminated using practicable steps;
  • To investigate all accidents and incidents to determine the necessary corrective action required to prevent an occurrence;
  • To provide all necessary resources to implement the health and safety policy.


Origin, its companies and employees are committed to working with our local communities and support a wide variety of groups primarily through sponsorship at both an educational and sporting level.

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